Calcutta fundraising helps Steve hit first gear

Steve Rainbow is about to hit the road again raising funds for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Ipswich Hospital.

Steve said he is no stranger to epic charity bike rides and looks forward to hitting the road again this year.

“For the past 4 years I’ve helped raise funds for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Ipswich Hospital for much needed medical equipment”

This year the traditional ride has been postponed however that hasn’t stopped Steve from wanting to do his part for the Ipswich Community.

“I’ll be riding a 12 hour event at the Ipswich Cycle Park in October and my aim before then is to raise $9000”

Funds raised will be going towards purchasing a couple of RAD7 Pulse Oximeters that will assist Ipswich Hospital medical professionals when looking after sick kids.

All babies are checked for jaundice daily and the detector helps clinicians determine the jaundice levels through the skin without harming the baby. A RAD pulse oximeter ensures correct and safe oxygen delivery during highly critical times in an effort to prevent damage to organs such as the brain, eyes and lungs.

Swich On Inc President Brad Bulow said the Calcutta fundraiser was a much loved event in the lead up to the Ipswich Cup and was happy to see funds raised put to work.

“The event wouldn’t be a success without our volunteers, sponsors and supporters”

“We’re proud to support Steve once again knowing the funds raised will directly help our community”

Proceeds from the night were split between Steve Rainbow’s endeavour and the Swich On Inc mental health fund.

If you would like to support Steve please contact him via

1200kms for kids is a passion of Steve Rainbow’s.

1200kms for kids is a passion of Steve Rainbow’s.

Swich On Inc Board